Julie Myers

Trail Song

From San Francisco, US to Banff, Canada
March 26th - April 8th 2009 - 1,345 miles by car, coach and ferry

Story Cube and ebook commissioned and documented by Proboscis

"A Trail Song uses a well known song or tune but replaces the lyrics with words of its own. These words reference objects, people and places experienced on the journey"
Trail Songs Magazine (1954) -The Whyte Museum Archive, Banff, CAN

In the tradition of the Trail Songs from North America, we invent lyrics as we travel from place to place. Like modern day Songlines these songs tell about the geography and the people of the landscape, each song refers to a direction or path taken and is matched to the video footage we shoot en route. The original tune is something we might overhear on a street corner, in a café or on the car radio. The lyrics denote the everyday things we see in the landscape as we travel. Through these songs we aim to preserve the land/story of the journeys we make together as a family.

"Songlines, also called Dreaming Tracks by indigenous Austrialns, are an ancient cultural concept and motif perpetuated through oral lore and singing. Songlines are an intricate series of song cycles that identify landmarks and subtle tracking mechanisms for navigation"

Trail Song Lyrics

From Golden Gate on rental date to Highway 1 and Stinson
Half and half or 2 percent - Yee Ha
Bodega Bay with Oyster shuck, rest room in the rear
From RV park to main street shout - Yee Ha

Drive thru trees, drive thru coffee, cream cheese on a bagel
Woodpecker on the Redwood taps - Yee Ha
At Big Lagoon past Cresent City tree trunks lie like bones
Night walks round the campfire sing -Yee Ha

Welcome to the Valley Road, Cave junction, Crater Lake,
Snow banks higher than the car - Yee Ha
Past Shady Cove to Deep Creek shack along the winding road
We all sing ten green bottles in a row - Yee Ha

In the morning past the sand dunes to the hash brown over-easy
Motel 6 and extra pie - Yee Ha
Logging mills and fallen trees and onto paper makers
We whisper to ourselves in shame - Yee Ha

Riding on a monorail, Space Needle and Best Western
Pacific coach to ferry boat - Yee Ha
Whale watching round the islands, floating on the ocean
To Blackfoot and to potlatch cry - Yee Ha

Stanley Park its sky high buildings, sea planes in the harbour
Ski slopes and to Whistler up we go - Yee Ha
At Squamish see the red eye and horseback reservation
raising glasses high we shout - Yee Ha

To Salmon Arms and Super 8 past frozen lakes and falls
On chained up wheels now we carry on - Yee Ha
To bear run and to wolf street where the switchback turn upon us
With rabbit foot as guide were almost done - Yee Ha

Trail Song is documented as part of the Transformation series at Proboscis.