Julie Myers

Klangfarbe Neukölln

48 Stunden Neukölln
Reuterstrasse 8
12053 Berlin

27-29 Juni 2014

Klangfarbe 1
Karl-Marx-Str und Boddinstr
Klangfarbe 2
Klangfarbe 3
Reuterstr und Erlangerstr

Site-specific composition for three corners in Neukölln

Julie Myers adopts the role of a stranger or outsider in order to initiate a response, or make sense of a specific place. She finds a place to sit and to watch, to get to know her environment. She hears the ‘sizzle’ of food being made, the timbre of a voice, the cry of a child, the hum of the traffic. Her texts, like graphic scores, are presented in the gallery for interpretation by improvisor Simon Rose on baritone saxophone.