Julie Myers


Moving elements in a city, and in particular the people and their actions, are as important as the stationary physical parts. We are not simply observers of this spectacle, but are ourselves part of it, on stage with other participants.
The Image Of The City - K Lynch (1960)

Cafe 1

Cafe Einstein, Savignyplatz, Berlin

Site-specific publications edited from words and drawings gathered in conversation with people sitting in the cafe.

Instructions to Myself

  1. Ask six people to describe where they are
  2. Record their response on video using a mobile phone
  3. Ask each person to draw a map of where they are
  4. Transcribe their voice recording into text
  5. Place texts on cafe table
  6. Repeat in six cafes

Portraits of Participants

Produced as part of EINBLATTDRUCKE by Palm Press, Berlin