Julie Myers

Filmmaking workshops

March 2017 - March 2018

Julie Myers and Maria Anastassiou

Located on a small green on the corner of two streets in Queens Park, with a scaffold tower and a piece of green fabric as a set, we provided filmmaking workshops that invited local residents to respond to their environment. Workshops included: script writing; camera sessions; sound recording; special effects; costume and prop making, as a way of exploring ideas of engagement and collaboration.

... I’ve especially seen a confidence change in my son. I've also been able to bond with him more by doing creative activities at home. I've been more creative and I've also recycled a lot more - thinking twice about throwing things away, or using them for a creative project. It's amazing! It's nice to see all the kids come together, without any racism or any of that. It's a mixture of so many kinds of people.

local resident

... I think it’s a very good thing because it’s a community thing and it brings us together. Because before this thing came in, everybody was indoors, you and your family, but since this came in, we know each other, I know the person at this number, and at this number.

local resident