Julie Myers


March 2017 - March 2018

Julie Myers and Maria Anastassi

Clubhouse is a film that documents a year long project in Queen’s Park Estate, Bedford. Through a series of workshops: script writing; camera sessions; sound recording; special effects; costume and prop making we explored ideas of engagement and collaboration. The film combines: observational documents of everyday life; staged scenes of performance to the camera; and footage from the children’s own cameras.

Local residents became storytellers: through active listening and response we developed creative activity that extended our practice of working ‘live’ in public space and produced a film that reflects the lives and concerns of this community. The film has become a catalyst for future arts projects in the area. This summer saw the newly formed residents group initiate a gardening club, a recipe book, an alternative sports day, a community newspaper and campaign for the removal of a dis-used telephone box.

... I think it was the artists' ability to trust, listen, observe and respond in the moment, set within the artistic framework they had designed, that enabled them to create such a highly collabo-rative and open project, yet with a critically informed process and final outcome. It took everyone involved, from the residents, the artists and the BCA team on a journey of discovery and experi-mentation in art-making to create Clubhouse . . . The film is fresh with surprise, generosity and joy-fulness and a spontaneity that I think is a direct result of trust the artists built with the residents, coupled with their innovative approach to process ...

Annie Bacon, Curator and Producer of Clubhouse at Bedford Creative Arts

Symposium - The Question of Collaboration Sept 2018

Outdoor cinema event - March 2018

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